My friends, the Lord has dealt with me to share my testimony. It is my hope that this testimony will encourage you through whatever sickness, or illness, you or someone you know is going through. Please know that God is able to deliver you from whatever you are going through in your life.

On July 6, 1984 , I turned 21 years old, and one month later I was stricken with a tumor. I was employed on my job approximately six months at the time, and was sitting at my desk, when I started experiencing terrible headaches . A   co-worker gave me an aspirin; however, the pain did not subside. One hour later, I started experiencing loss of vision. The pain in my head began to multiply along with the loss of vision. I virtually was unable to to work. One of the supervisors drove me to the nearest hospital, and I was given a stronger aspirin and sent home. The very next day I went to the doctor and after an extensive amount of testing, it was revealed that I had a brain tumor. This tumor was blocking my optic nerve and I was unable to see clearly out of my left eye. This brain tumor was the cause of Christ coming into my life.

As the fifth child of a pastor and head mother in the church, I was tired of attending church. I was in church all the time. I wanted to have fun, do my own thing, and church was blocking my fun. God had a calling on my life and he wasn’t about to let me get entangled with the world, and have to bring me back to him.

My parents were filled with the Holy Ghost and believed in the Power of Prayer, and believed that God could heal me. My parents along with other anointed members in the church told me that God would heal me if I gave my life to him. Many others before my sickness had told me that God had a calling on my life, and that he had a work for me to do. I wanted to go to Hollywood to become a great actor or singer, enjoy life and have fun.

Again, my parents with other church members prayed for me, and I gave my life to the Lord and was healed. GOD HEALED ME! Through the prayers of the righteous and my acceptance of the Lord in my life, I AM HEALED TODAY! I never went to Hollywood nor became a great actor or singer; however, I am great today because I have the greatest in my life (GOD).

After receiving my healing, God blessed me to married Rhonda, and we have four healthy, beautiful children, and five grandchildren.

I was the Youth Minister, the Assistant Pastor, and now ordained the Pastor of the church under the leadership of my father Bishop Steven K. Butler Sr. (D).

God is a healer of all manner of sickness and diseases. God will heal and deliver you if you give your heart to him. My friends, God is calling you. Let him take away all past hurts, and failures. God loves you; you are his child, give your life to God today and Be Healed! Be Saved!

” Is Everybody Happy”